Monday, June 30, 2008

The Ultimate American Job Board

Yes, it's true. Times are tough for many of us. And when times get tough for some hard working Americans, we simply do what needs to be done. The strong don't dwell and create their own obstacles. The strong don't sit around and point fingers, hiding in corners of a round room. The strong... well, use their strengths.

While watching Fox & Friends this morning, I saw the ultimate American job board - literally. I got to hear one of those upper-class, elite intellects who we simply assume are making millions and living like kings and queens, explain that times were tough for him and that he was going to do what needed to be done for himself and his family. I tip my cap to him - Joshua Persky. He was not going to let this control him. He knows there are jobs that are open and he believes he will find one by being creative. And he will. I wouldn't be surprised if he already has received calls and emails.

Check out the video:

There are many points to my writing today. Sure this gentleman is an MIT graduate and certainly must have a great resume. But relatively speaking he isn't that far from many of us regular Americans. He is without a job and needing one to pay his accumulating bills. Heck, his wife and kids were flying to live with his in-laws in Omaha this morning, during this very struggling time. The traditional methods were not working for him - he made calls and tried networking events, but none of this has worked for the past few months. But he fights back. He believes. He uses creativity... which will end up on the Internet. Creativity and the Internet - what two better ingredients to be found, seen and heard.

Good luck Joshua.


Raymond said... sent out their top 10 job boards list today here:

If I am looking for a job, should I register on all of these?

Anonymous said...

You can follow Joshua Persky's story on his blog: