Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wrong Perception

Here we are, the beginning of 2009. After spending the past month moving into a new house I then went into Holiday mode. We traveled up north to see friends and relatives, and with every stop there was a common question that was asked of me. “How is your business doing in this economy?” My answer was that 2008 was great in fact we were up significantly over the year prior. Then the follow up question was always “Well are companies still going to pay a fee for job candidates in 2009 with unemployment going up?” My answer was more now than ever! Why do I say that?

Companies pay a recruiter a fee for one reason, and that reason is to find the best talent available! With unemployment on the rise that means there will be more work to sift through all of those candidates to find top talent. Companies want a job candidate that has all the extra accolades. For example, a company seeking an accountant may now want you to have your CPA and MBA. They can be more choosy with who they select in this market. However those candidates need to be found in the overgrown and saturated online pool of talent.

That continues to be why a search firm like JTL Services will continue to be paid for services. For over 10 years we have a proven track record in finding top talent in any market condition. We employ the best recruiters and utilize the best technology in our efforts of connecting talent with hiring managers.

In a market with higher unemployment, a job candidate needs to have an edge. Once, again, that is why job seekers should work with a professional recruiter who specializes in their vertical and their market area.

Jeff LeFevre
Managing Partner
JTL Services, Inc.

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